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3 Places to Use a Dusting Wand

While you may be able to dust the majority of your home with a microfiber dusting rag or even a dusting mitt, there are other devices to consider adding to your cleaning arsenal. One such product is a dusting wand — a device that has a microfiber dusting sleeve on a flexible wand. If you're meticulous about cleaning your home, perhaps because your children have allergies, you'll want to invest in a dusting wand. This simple tool can be handy in many different applications, but it will especially be an asset when you use it in these locations.

Window Blinds

Dust can quickly accumulate on horizontal window blinds, which can be both an eyesore and an air-quality issue in your home. Dusting your lower blinds with a rag is relatively easy, but doing so on the upper blinds can be a challenge. Your dusting wand is the perfect tool for getting this job done right. You can easily insert the tip of the wand between each of the blinds and move it to pick up the dust. The lightweight nature of the wand means that even when you're working overhead, your arm won't get tired.


Some pieces of furniture can gather dust over time. This can especially be true of bookshelves, entertainment units, and other such pieces. The lower shelves of many types of furniture are easy to reach with a dusting rag, but you may need to use a stepladder to access the top. A ladder won't be necessary when you have a dusting rag, as you'll be able to reach the top of many different pieces of furniture and remove the dust with a few simple swipes.

Stair Balusters

You may also find that your dusting wand comes in handy when you need to clean the balusters along your staircase. While you might not dust this area as frequently as you dust other parts of your home, balusters can eventually become dusty. If the balusters are dark in color, the dust can be very evident. Even though you can reach the balusters, this cleaning task can be arduous because of how many balusters are present. You'll likely find that you can clean them quickly with the dusting want and that using this device may also prevent arm fatigue. Find a local distributor in your community who sells Norwex ​cleaning supplies, and consider buying a microfiber dusting wand.