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Ways That Buttermilk Is A Fixture At Authentic Southern Restaurants

Buttermilk has a distinctively tart taste that people generally don't feel neutral about. There are some people who don't consider buttermilk to be appealing, but there's a large contingent that loves the taste of this dairy beverage — both to drink and to enjoy in food. If you enjoy the taste and thick texture that buttermilk provides to food, you'll want to make a point of visiting a restaurant that specializes in authentic Southern fare. Buttermilk is heavily featured on the menu of many such establishments, meaning that you'll get to enjoy it in these ways regardless of the meal for which you're visiting the restaurant.

Buttermilk Pancakes

If you're planning to start your day with a visit to an authentic Southern restaurant, you may want to consider having pancakes for breakfast. Instead of standard pancakes, however, look for the buttermilk variety on the menu. Buttermilk pancakes are often thicker and fluffier than their standard counterparts, and they also offer the tart taste that you enjoy. Served with whipped butter, maple syrup, and berries, this is a breakfast dish that will satisfy your hunger and leave you feeling full all morning.

Buttermilk Onion Rings

Many authentic Southern eateries have buttermilk onion rings on the menu as a side dish, giving you the opportunity to enjoy them with a burger, a steak, or some other type of fare. You'll generally find that buttermilk onion rings are made with large, thick slices of sweet onion, dusted with a flavorful blend of flower and spices, and then dredged in buttermilk. You'll be impressed with not only their flavor but also the satisfying crunch that they offer in each bite and the thick coating that they provide to help keep the onion inside piping hot to the last bite.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Southern restaurants offer all sorts of fried chicken on the menu, but you can be almost certain that you'll see at least one type of buttermilk fried chicken available to diners. This dish shares some similarities with buttermilk onion rings in that it includes flour and spices and a buttermilk dredge. Given the popularity of spices in Southern cuisine, you shouldn't be surprised to see spicy buttermilk fried chicken in addition to the traditional type of buttermilk fried chicken. Lots of people enjoy dipping sauces with their chicken, and some of the options available to you may even include buttermilk — for example, buttermilk and peppercorn sauce

Check out authentic restaurants in your area to learn more about delicious food options available to you.