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Common Residential Elevator Complaints: When To Call For Repairs

A home elevator is an excellent addition if you have mobility issues and a multistory home. However, these mechanical implements can develop problems after years of use. Some issues are typical, but there are some issues that require immediate attention from an elevator repair service. Here is a look at some of the common complaints about residential elevators. 

The elevator makes more noise going up than it does going down.

One of the most common reasons that people call on an elevator repair contractor is noise. Elevators can make some noise, and you will notice they make noise from the time they are installed. If an elevator starts making a new noise, it is only natural to be concerned. However, most elevators do make a little more noise when they go up than when they are going down. The noise is related to the tension on the pulley system caused by the weight of the unit. Going down, the noise may be present, but it is not as loud. Some noises that will require a call to a professional include popping, grinding, and screeching or loud squealing.

The elevator seems to move slower at some times than it does at others. 

If the elevator is moving slower all of a sudden, it is something to be mindful of. You may have to call on a repair contractor for help. As elevator hoist systems get older, the lifting mechanisms can move a little slower. This is a normal thing. However, if the problem is intermittent, it is best to have a pro take a look to find out what is causing the inconsistency. There could be issues with the main motor, or the support systems may be getting in a bind during movement. 

The elevator doors sometimes get stuck open. 

Jammed elevator doors can be a major issue because the safety mechanisms of the door will prevent the elevator from moving if the doors are opened. Most people will start having issues with the doors getting jammed every once in a while, and then the problem may progress to a point where the doors are completely jammed and will not open at all. These issues can have several causes, such as a shift in the balancing of the elevator itself or problems with the guides along the base of the doors. It is best to have a professional take a look at the doors to prevent long-term damage.