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Helpful Tips When Buying Wood Platters For Woodturning

If you enjoy being creative, one hobby you might get into is woodturning. This is where you cut wood platters, such as Padauk platters, into unique things. The wood platters you purchase are pivotal for this type of woodwork, so you'll want to use these tips when searching for them. 

Get Optimal Size

A huge attribute you need to focus on when purchasing wood platters is the size. This will vary quite a bit from platter to platter. To ensure you get an optimal size, think about what it is you're trying to create.

Is it some large bowl that will be housing food or is it a miniature decorative piece going on someone's desk? Once you narrow in on what you're trying to create, you'll have a much better idea of what wood platter size to start off with. Just keep in mind that the bigger the platter is, the more it will cost. 

Assess Color Options

Today, there are a lot of different colors for wood platters. These can include dark red, light brown, and even hints of yellow. How do you know what color to choose? Well, it really depends on your own particular tastes. 

Try choosing a wood color that you could see yourself liking for years to come. Then, you'll have no regrets with your selection. Also think about the purpose of this woodturning project. If it's being given as a gift, you may want a more traditional color like brown. Since it is such a standard color, you know they'll probably like it. Whereas if the wood platter is for yourself, you can get a little bolder with your color selection. 

Get a Defect Guarantee

People that work with wood platters often find defects with them from time to time. That's the last thing you need when trying to create something beautiful. In this case, you need to work with a supplier that offers defect-guarantee wood platters.

So if the platter shows up with major defects or you discover them throughout the woodturning process, you can have the platter replaced free of charge. All you'll have to do is ship the defect wood platter back. 

Woodturning is a fun and creative hobby to get into, which will require wood platters. Even if you've never purchased them before, you can have success by taking the right precautions and performing a little bit of research on these wooden materials.