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Why A Q&A Session Is Valuable After A Keynote Address

If you're planning to book a keynote speaker to give an address at your upcoming business event, you'll need to successfully complete a long to-do list. In addition to finding the speaker and confirming the topic that he or she will discuss, you'll also need to choose a venue that will suit your group size, as well as provide the necessary audio/visual components that the speaker will need. As you plan this exciting event, it's useful to think about including a question and answer session at the end of the address. Here's why this is a good idea.

An Opportunity For Attendees To Seek Clarification

Obviously, you'll want to choose a keynote speaker who has a track record of delivering addresses to large groups and who has videos that you can watch to ensure that this person will be of the caliber you need. Even with a good speaker on the stage, there will be topics that some people in the audience need clarification on. Rather than letting them head off after the address with some confusion in their minds, holding a Q and A session will allow attendees to seek clarification from the speaker. Sometimes, the speaker framing a lesson or anecdote slightly differently will increase its impact for an audience member.

A Chance For Attendees To Connect

Even though a Q and A session is all about your audience members getting a chance to ask questions to the keynote speaker, this session can also provide them with an opportunity to connect. As one person asks a question, his or her peers will be listening. This can mean that someone may hear a question to which he or she can relate and decide to seek out the person who asked the question after the Q and A wraps up. These two individuals may have shared business interests, and speaking together may be mutually beneficial.

An Opportunity For The Speaker To Promote Something

Many keynote speakers have products that they seek opportunities to promote. For example, a speaker may have a couple of books or a program that people can take online. While you don't want to choose a speaker who is going to self-promote heavily throughout the address, you're probably fine with him or her mentioning one of these products at some point. A post-address Q and A session can be an extra opportunity for the speaker to talk about his or her products with any audience member who expresses interest.

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