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Housekeepers Might Help Make A Home A Little More Liveable For Cats And Their Owners

Is there anything a cat lover appreciates more than his or her feline friend's company? Probably not, but a clean house might rank second behind Fluffy. Cat owners may find owning one cat can add to clutter and mess. Owning more than one means double the trouble and maybe more than double the loose fur. Cats aren't able to clean up after themselves, and pet owners might not be up for the job either. Good news exists for cats and their owners: a housekeeper could make lend a hand where a paw can't. A little extra pet-centric work done during a routine house-cleaning visit could keep a home tidy.

Cat Troubles and the Clean-Up Steps to Fix Them

A "standard" housekeeping job involves sweeping, mopping, and thoroughly cleaning designated rooms. Now, if a pet residing in the apartment creates an additional mess, a housekeeper could reasonably straighten things out. Don't expect a housekeeper to repair scratches in furniture, but he/she could deal with the following troubles:

A maid can help out cats and their owners a lot, but the owner has to do a little to help the maid, too.

Speaking with the Housekeeping Service

If you have concerns about your untidy cat, let the housekeeper staffing service know. This way, they send a maid whose most qualified to do the cleaning. Maybe they'll send a fellow cat lover who knows the score.

To learn more about staffing housekeepers, consult a resource in your area.