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Common Signs That Your Drinking Water System Needs Attention

Your drinking water system is designed to give you clean water, but sometimes it may need a little extra attention, especially under heavy use or when it gets old. Before your system totally breaks down, it will be likely to give you a heads-up about any pending problems. Here are some of the most common signs that you need drinking water system repair, a possible upgrade, or replacement.

The Water Tastes Funny

Poor-tasting water is often the first indicator that the system has a problem or is beginning to break down. The change in water taste is especially noticeable if your original drinking water already has a bad taste. Often, when the system stops working, that awful taste will creep back into your water or you will notice an entirely new taste.

The Change Filter Indicator Stays On

If your system has a "change filter" indicator or light, and if that indicator does not deactivate when you change the filter, then your system may need repair. Sometimes, the problem is a faulty sensor, but other times it could mean that another component has failed. Check to make sure that you have the correct filter installed as well. Some aftermarket filters may not be an exact fit for your unit.

The System is Unusually Noisy

Some noise from your water filtration system when you turn it on is normal. However, the noise should sound smooth and not excessively loud. A faulty or worn out system will sound exceptionally noisy or clunky whenever the water is running.

The Water Has Debris or a Weird Color

Your filtration system should be straining out and preventing any noticeable debris or dirt from your drinking water. When you start seeing chunks of minerals or other material in your water, and a filter change does not make a difference, then your system may need more intensive repairs.

The Flow is Weak

Sometimes, your filtration lines or other components can become blocked and this will result in weak water flow or no water at all. Water flow problems are also an indicator that you need a filter replacement. However, these signs could also indicate that the pump is weak and is in need of repair.

If your system is relatively new, and all its parts are available, then it may be repaired so that it runs like new again. However, if your system is old and you can no longer find filters, or the technician cannot find the right parts, then a new filtration system may be needed. If you need help with your drinking water system, then contact a water system expert for help.