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The Basics Of Metal Detectable Food Pens

When it comes to pens, you may think of good old fashioned pen and paper, but there are so many unique types of specialty pens out there. For instance, there are pens that are used specifically for calligraphy, pens that are used in laboratories, and there are even pens that are used in food factories called metal detectable food pens. So, what is a metal detectable food pen and how is it used? 

What Is a Metal Detectable Food Pen? 

Have you ever left a pen in your car in the middle of the winter and tried to write with it? If so, then you probably discovered really quickly that pens don't work when they are too cold. Because a lot of food processing plants and factories have to be kept at really cold temperatures, it makes it almost impossible for people to write anything down. Metal detectable food pens are made of a unique type of metal material and ink that make it possible for factory workers to write in cold temperatures.

Why Are Pens Necessary? 

With everything being digital these days, you may be wondering why factory workers can't just work off of iPad, but during the food processing process, there are workers along the production line that are there to ensure that the quality is safe and up to standard. If the food quality is poor, then they will need to mark a form with a pen to show that the food is bad and that it needs to be thrown out. If the workers don't have a pen that works properly, they won't be able to correctly mark the food which means that people may get sick off of it. 

Owners of food processing plants will do just about anything to ensure that they are only providing people with safe and clean products. When something is contaminated and people get sick, they can lose tons of money and may even tarnish their reputation. Even though the cost of these metal detectable food pens may be a bit steep compared to other pens, it's worth it to factory owners because it could essentially save their business. 

If you are interested in learning a little bit more about detectable pens and how they can help your business, then reach out to a specialist in your area; they can show you the different types of pen options that are available to you and help you land on the right choice. For more information, contact a company like Detectapro today.