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Photobiomodulation Light Bed Therapy: FAQ

Modern technology has afforded a lot of treatments that seem unconventional but can still be just as effective as traditional types of treatments. Photobiomodulation (PBM) light bed therapy is the perfect example. This type of therapy is done in a bed that looks a lot like a tanning bed but has a series of high-wavelength LED or laser lights implemented to shine directly at the body. Here is a look at some of the common questions about photobiomodulation light bed therapy

What are the proposed benefits of PBM therapy?

PBM therapy is thought to help individuals who suffer from chronic pain, but it is most widely recognized as a way to treat certain types of wounds or injuries. PBM light bed therapy may actually help the body recover faster from certain types of sports injuries or types of wounds. The lights emitted are thought to affect the cells in the body in a positive way to encourage healing and reduce inflammation. 

How can you take advantage of PBM therapy?

PBM therapy beds are available at a lot of modern health spas, but these beds are also showing up in a lot of other medical settings as well. For example, some dermatologists have light beds available to use on patients who have a lot of scars due to acne. 

How long will it take PBM therapy to work?

Each individual will have a different experience with light bed therapy. How long it takes to see any results can also depend on what ailment it is you are looking to relieve. For instance, someone with chronic pain may see slight relief after just one treatment, but an individual with something like a wound may need several treatments to start to see results. 

Are there areas of the body where PBM therapy is not safe?

There are a few parts of the body where PBM light therapy may not be best to use. For example, some types of pigmentation in tattoos on the skin can heat up faster than regular skin and cause some discomfort. It is also best if people who have lesions or spots on their skin that could be skin cancer avoid PBM therapy. Additionally, the eyes have to be fully protected due to the high intensity of the lights, so you will be given a special pair of glasses to wear to protect your eyes while in the light bed.