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Some of the Many Kinds of CBD Products You Can Enjoy

CBD is legal in all fifty states, and shops that sell CBD products are popping up all over the United States. CBD products provide many benefits, from pain relief to beauty benefits, which is one of the reasons why CBD products are so popular. If you head to your local CBD shop, you are going to see a wide range of products. Here are some of the products you can expect to find, as well as what they are used for.

Product #1: CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are a broad category. Basically, a CBD edible is any type of food product that has CBD added to it during the baking or cooking process. With CBD edibles, it can take a little while for you to feel the effects of the CBD as the CBD has to go through your digestive system before reaching your bloodstream.

There is a wide range of CBD edible products, and some of the most popular products are gummies and energy chews. You can also find CBD incorporated into a wide range of baked treats, as well.

Product #2: CBD Capsules

If you want an easy and discrete way to take CBD, CBD capsules are popular. With a CBD capsule, you know exactly how much CBD you are taking.

A CBD capsule is just like any other vitamin capsule that you may take. This is a great choice for people who use CBD as a pain management tool and want an easy and simple way to get the recommended dose of CBD.

Product #3: CBD Oil Concentrates

CBD oil is made by extracting CBD oil directly from the hemp plant. The percentage of CBD found in oils can vary, although in general, CBD oils generally have high levels of CBD in them as this is a very concentrated formula.

CBD oil concentrates come in little medical bottles with droppers. You are supposed to take a dropper and place a few drops of the concentrate directly beneath your tongue. This delivery method allows the CBD to get into your body via your mucous membranes, allowing you to quickly feel the effects.  

You can also easily add drops of CBD oil to your food and to personal edible products that you cook yourself.

Product #4: CBD Vape Oil

Finally, there are CBD vape oils. With CBD vape oils, you attach an oil capsule to your vape device, and the oil is heated up, allowing you to breathe in the vapors. Many people like this delivery method as you can purchase CBD vape oils in different flavors and the effects are quickly felt. Keep in mind that many CBD vape oils are generally strong, so a little goes a long way.

CBD oil concentrates, capsules, edibles, and vape oils are a few of the types of products you will find when you go to a CBD shop. To learn more about CBD products, contact a CBD shop in your area like Botanica.