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Consider One Of These Jobs If You'Re A Musician

Many musicians dream of earning a full-time living from playing their music. Unfortunately, this is a reality for only a small percentage of those with this dream. Even if your performances in a band or as a solo artist aren't paying your bills, you can still earn a living from music — in a sense. There are several jobs that can be perfect for those who are skilled in music, and there are various benefits to each of these positions. Here are some jobs to consider if you're a musician.

Music Store Sales Representative

When you walk into a music store, you can count on the vast majority of the sales staff being musicians to some degree. This is a type of job that is highly popular for people who play instruments and/or sing and is ideal because you get to spend your entire workday in a music-focused environment. Look for job openings at your local music store. Even if you have minimal sales experience, your knowledge of musical instruments can make you an asset. For example, if you've been playing the drums for 10-plus years, you're certainly well educated to talk to a first-time drum buyer. 

Music Teacher

Another job to consider is to work as a music teacher. There are many different ways that you can teach music, including joining the teaching staff of a local music school, teaching private lessons out of your home, and even teaching lessons over the internet. This type of job is ideal if you're a musician because you can make it suit your schedule. This is especially true if you're teaching privately. You could even be on a tour with your band and make time to meet with a student online to give him or her a lesson.

Children's Performer

It may be possible to market yourself as a musical performer for children. Parents can hire you for children's birthday parties and other similar events, and you can play some music for the group. You'll need to know a lot of child-friendly songs as well as have an engaging personality. Such events are all about interaction, so if you love children and are excited about the idea of having some volunteers join you to play some basic instruments while you perform, this can be a fun way to earn some money. You may even be able to combine this job with another one — for example, you could do this job on weekends and work as a music store from Monday to Friday.

Look for jobs in your area to see what's available.