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3 Helpful Features To Get When Choosing A Low Clearance Torque Wrench For Bolting Operations

If you're trying to get to hard-to-reach bolting areas, then you'll need a special device. A low clearance torque wrench, for example, is a useful tool to invest in for these bolting purposes. Choosing one will be easy too if you actively look for these features.


If you have a project where you'll be securing bolts into position for hours, then it's quite easy for your hands to experience fatigue. You can do your best to combat it by getting a low clearance torque wrench with a lightweight design, though.

Since the wrench won't be that heavy, you can hold it firmly over bolts without getting tired quickly. Rather, your hands and arms can remain strong as you quickly get each bolt into place. Then after a long workday, you won't be as fatigued and can work refreshed the next day.


If a lot of your bolting operations take place outside, it's important that your low clearance torque wrench can last in extreme environments. Otherwise, the wrench may not hold up that long and then you would have to find a replacement — which may not always be financially possible.

In this case, you should look for a low clearance torque wrench with a weatherproof design. Then, no matter what elements this wrench is exposed to, it will hold up and not take structural damage. Even if the wrench gets wet, rust will not accumulate on your wrench and then negatively affect its performance. 

Fast Operation Cycle

Sometimes your bolting operations will involve a lot of bolts. You need to be able to secure them in place quickly so that you can move on to other operations. This is possible if you invest in a low clearance torque wrench with a fast operation cycle. 

This means you can secure a bolt in place quickly so you can move on to the next bolt in no time. You can find out how fast one of these specialty wrenches is to use by seeing what consumers who've purchased it think. They will let you know how fast you can go from bolt to bolt, which you need to know to make the right selection.

There may be areas that need bolts, but they're hard to reach. In this case, you'll need to purchase a low clearance torque wrench. There are many options available today, but with the right insights, you can choose wisely.