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A Self-Storage Unit Is The Perfect Place To Store Extra Beds You Need Only Occasionally

If you turned the spare bedrooms in your home into usable space once your kids moved out, you have the satisfaction of using your home the way you want, but you lose out on spare sleeping rooms. If you have family that visits regularly, you'll need a way to accommodate them when they sleep over. A possible solution is to keep the spare beds in a self-storage unit so you can set them up when you need them. Here are some tips for storing beds in a storage unit.

Protect The Mattresses

While you can put out a sleeping bag or air mattress for kids, adults will appreciate having a mattress to sleep on so they can avoid waking up with aches and pains. Mattresses take up a lot of space if you store them at home, and that's why a self-storage unit is the perfect place to keep them. Just be sure to protect the mattresses so they don't develop a bad odor or pick up dampness.

Some things you can do include enclosing each mattress in a waterproof cover that zips closed and then placing the mattresses in mattress boxes. You'll want to elevate the boxes off the floor so they don't get damp. Also, it's good to store mattresses so they're flat, and you don't want to stack anything heavy on top of them. Storing mattresses this way helps them keep their shape and protects them from dampness, dust, and bugs.

Keep Frames From Rusting

To save money on your self-storage unit, you'll want the smallest suitable size. That means you'll have to dismantle the bed frame every time you want to store it, and that can be too much trouble. An alternative to consider is to buy metal folding frames that open and close easily. One thing to be aware of is the potential for rust when you rent a storage unit without climate control.

However, a new metal frame should be treated or powder-coated so rust won't be a problem for a few years. You can also spray the frame with a seal coat that prevents rust from forming. You might also consider climate-controlled storage if you think the expense is justified.

By keeping spare beds in storage, you won't have them stacked in your garage where they'll get dirty and the beds won't be in your way in the house. When you have guests, you can swing by the storage facility, pick up the beds, and set them up in the most convenient spot in your house so your guests can sleep well. Plus, the storage unit will come in handy for other things such as decluttering before guests arrive, so you'll probably store more than just beds in it. To learn more about self-storage options, contact businesses like Belmont Self Storage.