Entering the Business World

Use Custom Imprinted Calendars To Promote Your Business

An imprinted calendar can be a valuable marketing tool that will not only provide a client with a way to keep track of important dates but will also remind a recipient of your business. Purchase imprinted calendars and give them to prospective or current clients who attend some formal or informal events.

Use Stock Or Custom Photos

Contact a calendar distributor and request to look through stock photographs of classic automobiles, scenic wonders, exotic or domestic animals, and inanimate objects. If you choose stock photography, select a theme that relates to the industry that you are promoting. For example, if you are an automotive technician, choose stock photos that include a variety of popular cars and trucks or ones that pertain to a specific vehicle type that you commonly service.

If you have some products or services that you would like to promote and would like the calendars to showcase these items, your personal photographs can be added to each calendar. Your business name, address, and phone number can be imprinted along the bottom or top of each calendar page.

Pick The Calendar Type

A spiral-bound model is the type of calendar that most people hang in their offices or homes, but you may also be interested in ordering some alternative products that can be utilized in smaller spaces. A miniature calendar with a magnetic or an adhesive backing can be displayed in a vehicle or along the front of an appliance. This type of calendar may feature fewer photographs than a larger model, but it can still be customized with the information that you would like to advertise to your clients.

After ordering calendars in bulk, decide how you would like to hand them out. If you attend trade shows, business conferences, and public job fairs, bring a supply of the calendars along with you and give one to each prospective client who you speak with. Another option is to set the calendars up in your booth and allow each of your visitors to retrieve one.

If you would like to be more selective about who is going to receive one of the promotional items, keep the calendars at your business and give them to people who stop by to inquire about a product or a service or reserve the calendars for a batch of new customers who have recently done business with you. Each year, order a new calendar type that includes a different group of photographs.

For more information about imprinted calendars, contact a company like The Lauder Company.