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Reasons To Choose An Above-Ground Swim Spa

When you look at several swim spas during your process of shopping for one to use in your yard, you'll typically see those that sit on top of the ground and those that are inset into the ground—much like above-ground and in-ground swimming pools. While you'll always want to think about the size and various features of a swim spa before you buy it, you should also give thought to what style you want. There's little doubt that an in-ground swim spa can be appealing, but a model that sits on top of the ground can also be a good choice. Here are some reasons to consider the latter style.

The Installation Is Easier

A big reason that many swim spa owners prefer above-ground models is that the installation process is significantly easier. Generally, this device sits on a concrete slab in your yard, which will provide a solid foundation for the swim spa for years to come. An in-ground model's installation is considerably more involved. You'll need to hire an excavation company to dig a hole in your yard that will accommodate the swim spa. This process adds to the overall cost of the project, which you may not favor if you're on a budget.

It Works Well With A Deck

While some people have above-ground swim spas that sit on their own, you might not be a fan of this look. Instead, you may wish to consider positioning the spa immediately adjacent to your deck. Or, in some cases, you may even want to build a deck that will sit next to the swim spa. The goal is to have the upper edge of the spa level with the flooring of the deck. This can give the entire space a sleek look that is somewhat consistent with the look of an in-ground swim spa.

You May Be Able To Keep It Cleaner

While you can always use a net to remove leaves, grass clippings, and other debris from the swim spa's water, it's nice to have a scenario in which the water stays fairly clean on its own. An above-ground model is handy because things won't blow into it nearly as much. Whereas debris can blow into an in-ground model because it's flush with the ground, the same debris will mainly hit the sides of the swim spa but not fall into the water. For someone who favors minimal maintenance tasks such as cleaning, this can be ideal.