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The Process Of Getting Cash For Your Junk Car

Want to get some cash for your junk car? A junk car buyer can take it away from your yard or property and pay a little cash for it. But exactly how does the process work? While the entire process of selling your vehicle to a junk car buyer can vary slightly from business to business, it generally involves the following steps.

Getting A Quote For Your Car

The process of selling your junk car for cash typically starts with requesting a quote from a junk car buyer. They'll require details of your car and its present condition so they can determine the vehicle's scrap value. 

Some useful information that junk car buyers typically ask for include:

Once you've provided your vehicle information over the phone or by filling out a quote request form online, you'll receive a free no-obligation quote.

Accepting A Cash Offer On Your Car

When you get your quote, you can either accept or decline it. If you accept it, you may need to show acceptable proof of vehicle ownership (such as the car title) before you can transfer it to your preferred junk car buyer. 

Getting Your Car Picked Up 

Many junk car buyers arrange free car towing services for their local customers. Upon accepting an offer for your vehicle, your junk car buyer may schedule a pickup date. They'll choose a date that is convenient for you so you can be present when they come to your property.

If your junk car is located outside of their towing zones, you may be asked to drop off the vehicle at a nearby auto salvage yard.

Getting Paid

Once you have handed over your unwanted car to a junk car dealer, you'll receive a cash payment for the vehicle. Your check may be sent to your physical residence via mail, delivered by the tow truck driver, or collected at the local auto salvage yard.

Aside from putting some extra money in your wallet, selling your junk car to a junk car buyer allows you to get rid of an unwanted eyesore that is taking up your precious yard space. It also facilitates the removal of old cars in an environmentally friendly manner.

To start the process of getting cash for junk cars, request a quote from a salvage yard in your area today.