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Why Should You Use Wood Crates In Your Industry?

Your choice of packaging is important to ensure goods reach consumers in the best conditions—i.e., without damage from weather, temperature, moisture, shocks, and vibrations during transit. That helps minimize losses, consumer complaints, and poor business reviews. Wood crates are an ideal choice for your goods' safety. Below is an overview of the benefits of using wood crates to pack and transport industrial products.

They are Versatile

The versatility of your packing method is key since not all products have a definite shape or require similar conditions. For example, alcoholic beverages need to be kept at a cool or room temperature and may lose their original taste when exposed to extreme heat. They need a packing method that maintains their original temperatures. Wood has low thermal conductivity; thus, using wood crates enables you to pack and transport your goods across a wide temperature range. Moreover, wood crates are customizable to create enough space depending on the items you carry. It allows you to transport items with irregular shapes, such as military weapons or farm products. 

They are Strong and Durable

Another advantage of wood crates is that they are thick, hard, and fibrous, enabling them to withstand heavy items long over distances. The thickness also enables them to hold up to high vertical pressure, meaning you can stack multiple crates on top of others without damaging them. That's crucial in maximizing storage space and allows you to transport many goods in fewer trips, reducing overhead fuel and labor costs. You can also add coatings such as varnishes and paints on their surfaces to provide a moisture-impervious film, extending their lifespan.

They are Eco-friendly

With increased demands for companies to take measures to conserve the environment, wood crates are a viable choice for two reasons. First, building wood crates does not involve complex chemical processes and toxic ingredients. They are purely natural and can't result in issues such as contamination of your products. Second, their durability helps minimize packaging wastes as you can re-use them multiple times before disposing of them. Furthermore, you can easily disassemble and use the remains for other activities such as planks for fire after their industrial-use cycle instead of pilling up landfills. The eco-friendly nature of wood crates makes them ideal for international shipping as custom regulations may demand the use of recyclable packaging products to minimize plastic waste. 


Are you looking for a packing and crating solution for your industrial products? Consult a reliable crates manufacturer for more information about wood crates. They'll help with customizing crates that suit your products.