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Reference Checking Services For Job Seekers

Your resume reduces your employment history and professional accomplishments to a single document. When you seek a new job, you want to showcase your talents and experiences within the constraints of the medium. Some job seekers may feel tempted to enhance their resume slightly to stand out above the competition. However, an exaggerated resume can remove a candidate from the running. Learn how to ensure that potential employers can verify the information in your resume by getting reference-checking services before you submit your resume. 

What are Reference Checking Services?

Reference checking services will call the references and past employers on your resume to hear their perception of your time with the company. 

To start, the services will attempt to verify the time of employment, position with the company, responsibilities, reason for professional divorce, and rehire eligibility. 

Advanced services may also inquire about your performance in the position. The service will use this information to guide you in your job search. 

Some reference checking services will offer additional reports for an extra charge, including:

Most reports take several days or weeks to complete, so start the process early in your job search. 

Why Should Job Seekers Get Reference Checking Services 

There are numerous reasons job seekers should enlist reference-checking services:

1. Resume Accuracy

Reference checking services will give you the opportunity to verify the accuracy of the details on your resume. If you got any dates incorrect, you can correct them before a potential employer notices the inconsistencies. 

2. First Knowledge of Feedback 

It can be very useful to know what your past employers will say about you. You will learn about the person providing feedback as well as what they said about your time with the company, which may surprise you. You can change references to prioritize the best references and replace bad ones. 

3. Crisis Management Services 

In the case that the services find something potentially damaging to your job search, such as termination for theft or incarceration, a professional can assist you with how to best address the topic. Some topics benefit from direct answers while others are best left alone unless the interviewer brings it up. A bad mark on your record doesn't necessarily eliminate you, though. You can learn how to spin the experience in your favor. 

Preparation will put you in the best position when you get a call for an interview. Prepare yourself with reference-checking services for job seekers.