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Cartilage Piercings — Healing Strategies

Any piercing that is made through the stiff parts of an ear or nose is considered a cartilage piercing. This type of piercing takes longer to heal than a soft tissue piercing. A cartilage piercing should be attained through a studio that advertises sanitary practices.

The Services That Are Offered

A licensed piercing studio features piercers who have been trained to use sanitary measures while preparing cartilage and using piercing equipment. A studio owner will require their piercers to wear gloves while they are actively using a piercing gun. The equipment that is used for piercing purposes is sanitized in between appointments.

A representative of a piercing studio will be able to provide a full breakdown of the services that are rendered at a studio. During a consultation, a customer will learn about the piercing equipment that is used. They will also be given the opportunity to view the jewelry that is available for purchase.

A stud, an earring, or a nose ring can serve as a starter piece of jewelry. Wearing a jewelry product that is made of hypoallergenic materials may prevent an infection. A piercing studio may advertise a cartilage piercing package that includes a piece of jewelry, the piercing service, and the aftercare products that are needed to maintain the health of the cartilage that was pierced. If a studio doesn't feature packages, a customer will be required to purchase each service or product separately.

The Healing Of A New Piercing

Cartilage is rigid and considerably thicker than soft tissue that comprises the ears and nose. The surface of a cartilage piercing will heal first. As time progresses, the skin that surrounds the inside of a piercing will heal. Because it may appear that a cartilage piercing has healed before it actually has, it can be tempting to forego following a piercing care routine.

A reputable piercer will advise their clients to apply an antiseptic spray to the skin that surrounds a piercing. This type of product contains medicinal ingredients that are commonly found in standard wound care products.

It is normal for a cartilage piercing to be sore at first. The cartilage that was pierced may appear pink or red. Lymphatic fluid may ooze from a fresh piercing. As long as the fluid is clear or has a yellow hue, there is nothing to be concerned about. Foul-smelling pus that is discolored may be associated with an infection.